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software craftsmanship

  • From conception to ideas, sketches, deployment and beyond, we'll work with you to realize your vision and provide a comprehensive plan for execution.

  • Expect to keep in contact with us often throughout the project's lifecycle. We like to bounce around ideas and approach things from a creative angle.

  • We ♥ open source software. We leverage OSS to execute your vision and we absolutely love to give back to the open source community. When possible we will seek a way to allow others to benefit from our work.

ninja skills

our kung-fu is strong

  • art

    We do web graphics. Need a new layout to take your website to the next level? Maybe some custom graphics? You got it!

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  • code

    Whether you need a WordPress website built or you've got the next killer web app idea that'll change the world, we'll take good care of you.

    These are some of our besties:

    • HTML 5
    • .NET Framework
    • Node.JS

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